The Joint Program Library and John W. Farrington Reference Collection, located in the JP Student Center, contains a diverse selection of reference books, career titles, and general-interest volumes. Although the collection is inventoried in the MBLWHOI Library catalog, books in the library are available for check-out exclusively by JP students. As of April 1, 2015, the collection contained 247 volumes.

Searching via the MBLWHOI catalog: The inventory on this site should mirror what's listed in the MBLWHOI catalog. To search the Farrington Collection via the MBLWHOI catalog, use the "Advanced Search" option on the search page, then selection "WHOI Farrington Library" from the "Location" drop-down menu.

Organization: The collection is divided into three categories: Career, Reference, and General. Books are shelved in student center by category and then in alphabetical order by the author's (or editor's) last name. Although each book has an MBLWHOI Library bar code, there are no call numbers.

Borrowing and returning: A check-out/return log is provided in the JP Student Center. When checking out a book, please fill out all fields in the log. Students can borrow books for up to one month; if you need to check out a book for a longer term, please contact the Farrington student librarian (currently Rebecca Chmiel,

When returning, re-shelve the book in the appropriate section by author's last name, and then enter the date you returned your selection in the log.

Etiquette: Feel free to browse the collection while in the Student Center. However, if you pull a book to read or examine it, please put it back in the right place! Don't just leave the book out on the table. The Farrington Collection belongs to the JP student body; help keep your library in good condition.

Suggestions for new titles: Funds are available for the acquisition of new titles. Please send your suggestions to the Farrington student librarian (currently Rebecca Chmiel, The library development policy may be found at